Anush is a certified professional colorist/stylist who specializes in hair extensions using variety of product lines such as DREAM CATCHERS, GREAT LENGHTS, and HAIR DREAMS. Her 20 years of passion and experience has led her to develop a chic yet fabulous futuristic designs for her clients.
-DO’s and Dont’ from dreamcatchers,, and hairdreams
-celebrity hair styles

Choosing the hair color that best fits your facial features as well as your skin tone is easy, applying the color on is even easier. Mixing the colors is an art and to have a masterpiece you need the right artist. Anush is your guide to having the most amazing color with her unique skills which takes her clients to another level. Heres how it works...Chosing the color and applying it on your own would be mistake #1. It is difficult to mix hair color with the right products as well as keeping it healthy and shiny at the same time. Hair highlights and bleaching are one of many things on the list that should be taken care of by a professional. With the correct hair color + shampoo + products you have yourself a glossy beautiful flowing hair. Who wants a dried, brittle, staticy hair that doesn’st have rhythm?