Brazilian Keratine Treatment-no Furmalditi

This product is by far the most famous treatment used by many celebrities and those individuals who seek for beautiful, silky, frizz-free hair. This is an all around FIX-IT product containing a natural treatment that softens and strengthens hair to bring out your natural wave or straight hair. I highly recommend and use the Coppola Keratine Complex treatment, as well as the GLOBAL KERATINE treatment because it has the solution for growth, shine, and smoothness. It does not contain formaldehyde, which is a toxin that will break the hair. Although this type of treatment is not permanent it does last for 3 months. However, recommendation for this product is to be consistent, it’s hard not to with so many advantages it offers. After repeated treatments, clients will see dramatic quality of hair growth and improved texture after it has been applied. Its like REHAB for hair!

How its done:
The product contains a special protein containing amino acids and sulphur, which gives the hair strength and elasticity. Once the product is applied on the hair, it is sealed with a hot iron, trapping the cuticles to release moisture leaving your hair not only glossy but REVIVED!

Some additional facts you may want to know...

  1. Will work on any type of hair- virgin, colored, highlighted, curly, straight
  2. No chlorine should touch your hair for the first week.
  3. Use sodium-chloride free shampoo
  4. Do not wash you hair for the first 3 days
  5. Do not put your hair up
  6. Stay away from other products such as mousse, hair spray, or gel